Respiratory Protection Training. The question of who may or may not require a respirator is entirely a local decision based on MSDS, commodity documentation, customer requirements, wash rack, internal tank inspections, etc. If a driver or a shop/washrack employee has been determined by you to wear a respirator, then there are three items required. A Medical Evaluation, a proper fit test, and written training. This documentation must be forwarded to the Training Department. If you have any questions, please call Training or consult CP 6.3.1. The Policy and all of the associated forms are available from the Forms Section of the Website. There is also a course available on the MTLU Website covering Training Records. On the top right corner of each training record there is a block called Special Certifications. If the item Respirator Required is "no," then you have determined that there is no requirement for this individual to wear a respirator and that individual should not have access to a respirator. If, however, Respirator Required is "yes" then you have indicated that the individual may be required to wear a respirator.

Remember, you are not allowed to administer a Respirator Fit Test until that person has undergone a Respirator Medical Evaluation by a Health Care Professional.

Additional supplies for your Fit Test Kits are also available through the Training Department.

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