Part of the McKenzie Tank Lines Defensive Driving Course includes the Smith System Driver Improvement Training. The Training, which includes commentary driving has been given to over 300 of our drivers. This is a mandatory requirements for our ExxonMobil Drivers. The Five Keys of the Smith System are:

1. Aim high in steering. Set your sights high and look far into the future that you plan to enter. See and react to future problems before they become unavoidable hazards.

2. Get the big picture. To make the right decisions, your information must be complete. The information you need lies not only 15 seconds ahead, but all around you. Set your eyes to establish a 360-degree circle of constant awareness.

3. Keep your eyes moving. Getting and keeping The Big Picture requires the proper scanning techniques. Scanning requires constant eye movement. Eye movement activates your full visual potential and keeps you alert to the changing Big Picture.

4. Leave yourself an out. Using your eyes properly gives you time to make decisions. In addition to time, you need space. Space is your way out. It's a cushion, and an escape route, from the seen and the unforeseen. Driving today's heavy motor vehicles requires you take care of yourself and other users of the roadway. With the ever-increasing advent of the compact and sub-compact car, the operator of large tank-trucks must take extra precautions.

5. Make sure they see you. Your Big Picture includes people who may not be aware of your presence, but should be. Get their attention, get eye contact. There are various warning signals you can use: lights, horn, turn signal, etc. Being seen is essential if you are to prevent collisions in spite of the incorrect actions of others.

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